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  • Capital City: Elysian (New Atlantashar)
  • System of Governance: stuff
  • Leaders: Prime Naristhel Zaphrinath
  • Primary Religion:
  • Languages: blah
  • Domestic Economic Products: Stuff
  • Exports: Stuff
  • Imports: Knowledge



Accessed through the deepest depths of tunnel systems throughout northwest Eurus, the Subtellurium is a realm of darkness, hazard, and secrecy. Founded in the depths of forgotten history by what would become the Taelgranis race of Sidhe, it represented a retreat from the affairs of the world and a reactionary isolationism that impacted each of the Sidhe races differently.

The Taelgranis carried with them memories of their great city, Altlantashar, and the cruel destruction of its hallowed libraries and universities. Deep in the realm beneath the earth they founded a new homeland in massive caverns and interconnecting cave systems where their heritage of amassing knowledge could be pursued far from the reach of outsiders.


Culture found in land


what faiths are present, what are the views on faith

Social Structure

Society is structured into a caste system that is semi-rigid with a limited but real possibility of advancement. The castes determine profession at an early age, but with sufficient effort and education, a young Taelgranis can integrate into another caste, most often above their family’s station, and by doing so pull their family upwards in the next generation.

There are also different levels of social status for those Tael'granis who have left the Subtellarium behind.

Customs and Holidays

What days matter to the people

Arts and Exceptionalism



Map of Known Entrances

Map of Subtellarium Cities

Organization of the Land

The capital city, described by many as "the New Atlantashar", is Elysian, named for a faean ideal of the afterlife and with high aspiration for the civilization. It is located most proximally to the surface nation of Alba, and many known Subtellurium entrances are located on the island.

There are two other major settlements that could be described as cities, Tzetses and Hyperion, named for an early Taelgranis explorer and a powerful mythological rebel respectively. Tzetses is located most closely to the human kingdom of Malay, while Hyperion is somewhat adjacent to Doomstadt. There are an assortment of other large towns and smaller settlements scattered throughout the Subtellurium, often quite far apart and isolated from one another, but each is within the approximate overarching purview of one of the three primary cities, who in turn respect the ultimate authority of the Prime of Atlantashar.

It bears repeating that distances and directions within the Subtellurium differ somewhat from the way the tunnel systems interconnect in the surface world. While in some cases this can be employed as a convoluted shortcut in travel, it is fare more often the case that any route which involves a journey through a portion of the Subtellurium will be longer and more circuitous than travelling on the surface.

Cities are constructed of elaborate and elegant stonework, often with much carved directly into the walls of the massive caverns. Architecture trends to vertical, with a functional and class bias to those literally higher up in a city. All settlements are significantly fortified to manage the encroachment of dangerous wildlife and beings such as Morgoths who prey upon the denizens of the dark. The cultural center of a city is always a massive and zealously protected library.

Cities are ruled by a patriarchal aristocracy, with the leader or "Prime" of the city's most prominent family being an executive authority over a council of the other Primes above a certain threshold of power. While there is some jockeying for position in the lower and middle ranks of this system, the uppermost families have a tremendous amount of inertia in power and seldom descend.

The current Prime of Elysian, Prime Naristhel Zaphrinath, belongs to the ancient house of Zaphrinath and has ruled the city since the 1970s. Other prominent families in Elysian include the Do’matyl, the Argyris, the Oth’viir, and the Naurambra.

Tzetzes is ruled by Prime Micarlin Beltaulur, and prominent houses in that city include the Icarid, the Omiros, and both the Oth’viir and Arygris families that are likewise prominent in Elysian. Hyperion’s leader is Prime Viethan T’sagh, backed by the Epameinondas, the Omiros, the Do’matyl, and the Argyris houses. The family of each city Prime is substantially represented in each of the other two cities as well. The Argyris family is the most far reaching Taelgranis House that has not held a position of City Prime in several generations.



Foreign Relations


History since the Dragon Wars

Early History

National History

Major Modern Events

In recent years (beginning 2017) some portions of the outskirts of the Subtellarium have begun to disappear or become inaccessible. This has led to a slow exodus of refugees from endangered areas, and led to progressively more Taelgranis appearing on and having to integrate with the surface world. Some of those refugees are afflicted with dangerous memory loss, others have no recollection of their home or where it once was but are otherwise unaffected. It has gradually become known that something is happening in an ongoing way to areas of the Subtellarium, but the proximal cause is not general knowledge. Those places impacted are not caved in or moved, however, they have ceased to exist entirely.


Notable Features

The Subtellurium is composed of a system of vast caverns, caves, and tunnels mostly natural in composition, in contrast to more sculpted and artificially managed underground dwellings of the Dverg. While seeming to be deep underground, it has over time become apparent that the Subtellurium is in fact located in some other realm bridged by the deep tunnels that can be found which lead to it. This means that direction and distances between surface entrances and the tunnels that link them within the Subtellurium can be deceptive. It also explains why the caverns, despite being sometimes miles beneath the surface, are neither hot nor flooded, and host an ecosystem entirely unique to their demesnes.

Exotic and frequently dangerous creatures abound in the Subtellurium, and both plants and fungi grow there that cannot survive anywhere else.


Peculiar Destinations

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