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  • Capital City: Rosetta
  • System of Governance: Theocracy
  • Leaders: Ada
  • Primary Religion:
  • Languages: blah
  • Majority Races: people
  • Strong Minorities: different people
  • Real World Influence: country


High Level Overview of the place


Culture found in land


Religion of the Truth (or Adism, as it is known to outsiders) has the greatest sway, though the veneration of other deities is permitted. Adism has tenants mostly devoted to taking care of the family, then town,  then nation. There is little in the way of evangelizing beyond the borders of Sassania. 

Social Structure

How the society is structured

Customs and Holidays

What days matter to the people

Arts and Exceptionalism

Strong mural and art culture, historical narrative depicting reigns of Ada going back generations and historical high points (something like the Bayeux Tapastry, but national)



Sassania has been governed in perpetuity by a ruler named Ada and a council of trusted advisors in the faith. When the previous Ada dies, a rite is performed to seek the new incarnation of Ada and new set of advisors. The individual (always human, generally female) will lose their birth name and take the mantle of Ada. They act as interpreter for the will of the greater in governmental matters.

Detail Map

Organization of the Land

How the power structure is divided regional (i.e. Duchies, Baronies, Lordships, etc.)



Foreign Relations


History since the Dragon Wars

Early History

National History

Sassania was founded as the Uthmanli Empire receded from their lands. A woman walked from the desert and began wandering to the cities of the region. Her message was that the Triune of the Uthmanli was incorrect. Instead of three, there was one. She was called Ada, and was regarded as the first prophet. She spoke to them of a revelation from "the One Above" who called her to show the people a holy place.

Some followed her into the wilderness and found an ancient city in the desert. Calling it the "Rosetta" they listened to and spread Ada's teachings until the nation was formed. From this place, Ada governed in the place of the One Above until her death.

Major Modern Events

What events will have shaped the experience of characters having grown up there


The physical lay of the land

Notable Features

Example of pre-Dragon Wars Ruins found in the canyons of Sassania.

Archeology in Sassania is unlike anywhere else in the world. Remarkably well preserved and extraordinarily ancient ruins lie nestled in the desert's slot canyons, often carved into the living stone. Intellectuals from across the lands travel to Sassania in the hopes of uncovering some secrets, though this far it has eluded significant understanding. In addition, the ruling class can at times be forbidding with access, sometimes necessitating less than legal access to the priceless sites.


Peculiar Destinations

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