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Paleteth are the offspring of one of the Sidhe races (Gael’Braugh, Endrani, or Taelgranis) and another race, including a different Sidhe race, or occasionally are the second generation of a Paleteth parent. Rarely is the third generation Paleteth, as when a Paleteth couples with another race, the offspring tends to more often than not be of the other race. Paleteth cannot be said to have a distinct culture of their own, though most share some common bond feeling like they are half of two different cultures. This common bond often causes Paleteth to gravitate others with similar experiences, whether fellow Paleteth, half Fae, or half Goblinoid, though such tendencies are a generalization rather than a universal attribute. In each of the Sidhe homelands Paleteth face varying degrees of prejudice, and as such are much more likely to depart the lands of their birth than individuals of most any other race. Reaction is more varied in lands where the Sidhe parent was the minority, and often the reaction will depend on what type of Sidhe they call parent.


History of Race

Home Land

Where the race is most predominantly associated

Culture and Customs

The Culture of the race

Social Structure

Pecking order of Race

Religions and Beliefs

what most of the race believes

Views on Others

any other group race has a particular shared view towards

Racial Abilities

how the different racial abilities can shape the race

Life in Warwick

what sort of reception they have in Warwick


dress and racial makeup

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