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  • Capital City: Kiruna
  • System of Governance: Collective of Tribes
  • Leaders: Ambassador Erva (Surname)
  • Primary Religion:
  • Languages: Sami
  • Majority Races: Barbarian, Half-fae, Gael'braugh
  • Strong Minorities: Paleteth
  • Real World Influence: country


High Level Overview of the place


Culture found in land


what faiths are present, what are the views on faith

Social Structure

How the society is structured

Customs and Holidays

What days matter to the people

Arts and Exceptionalism



Detail Map

Organization of the Land

How the power structure is divided regional (i.e. Duchies, Baronies, Lordships, etc.)



Foreign Relations


History since the Dragon Wars

Early History

National History

Laponia originally encompassed the area that now belongs to Subir and Scythia, in addition to its current borders. A land of rolling hills and forests that give way to frozen lakes and snowy mountains in the north, it began as a border region for Sylvanator, where half-fae born in the country would settle due to the restrictions on citizenship. Gael'brah from Sylvanator, mostly families following their offspring, but also others looking for open space and more freedoms came with them as well. This produced a society similar to Sylvanator, but discarding more oppressive social customs for the less restrained aspects of their nature. Resources were plentiful, including wood and hops.

After some time, the south portion of the nation, now Scythia, became populated with a minority of Barbarians and Canids coming out of the snowfields to the east. Eventually, some of these migrated north into modern Subir. Gael'brah also congregated in Subir, more so than anywhere else in the nation.

Laponia, still united, was governed by a ruling body in the far north, where half-fae had originally settled. Local governance was largely up to the people themselves. This caused tension in the relatively peaceful nation, which fermented over time. In <> Ruslav crossed the snowfields and south coast, bringing war to the people, whom were largely unable to resist. Those that were in Scythia quickly found themselves undermined by the "Cold Rebellion", an alliance of Canid and Barbarian tribes that rose and sided with the Ruslav troops. Subir fell gradually, what little military Laponia possessed falling back to the north. Losing the land that would become Subir, and pushed close to their modern borders, the Laponians fought bitterly, calling on their forbearers and paying the cost that accompanied.

The country still bears the scars of these battles, and the people that live there may yet still have a debt to pay, sometimes generational, for the help they received. It continues to be a haven for half-fae, but has attracted those of the winter variety due to the climate.

Major Modern Events

What events will have shaped the experience of characters having grown up there


The physical lay of the land

Notable Features

The Cold Sea, a mostly frozen body that is farmed for ice and fished on when able.

Broken Field, the area razed by Fae magics to wipe out Ruslav invaders on the south border of the country.


Peculiar Destinations

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