Character Questionnaire

The Character Questionnaire is a framework to assist players in fleshing out who their character is. It is intended to be answered from the perspective of the character, covering everything from mundane information about the character's family to very personal questions about their mental stance on sensitive topics. The intent behind the questionnaire is to drive players to think about what sort of person their character really is, and how their character became that sort of person. It is also a useful tool in conjunction with a Character History, as the answers to the questions can help flesh out the history, and the history can help answer the questions. Like a Character History, for events and information in the Character Questionnaire to be considered cannon it must be submitted and approved by the World/Character Referee The answers to several of the questions are not meant to be immutable. As the character grows through the course of play it is both expected and desired that their stances and opinions will be challenged and perhaps change. It is suggested that players revisit their answers to the questions periodically to see how their character has changed as a response to new experiences.




Mental Self

Physical Self


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