Port Blackwater


  • Lord: Lord Martin
  • Duchey: Estermont
  • Population:
  • Imports:
  • Exports:
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Who is? What are they doing?

Power Dynamics

Who is in charge? Who is powerful?


What do people do here?

City Subdivisions

(for an enlarged version, right click-->open image in new tab) WALLS KEY:

 - Grey dotted line is older / lower walls
 - Grey dashed line is newer / taller walls
 - Brown dots and dashed lines for solid wooden walls. 
 - Brown dashed lines for haphazard neighborhood walls.
 - Archways in walls indicate gates. 
 - Hash marks {///} indicate cliffs.

An ancient castle and the surrounding manor grounds and minor fortifications, it used to be quite independent of Blackwater, but the city grew out to reach it. The Night’s Watch have a significant presence and post occupying a corner of the estate, which is run by a knightly family of the old guard, passing their knighthood from father to son for generations and keeping the place steady against invasions from the west. It has an excellent watchtower.

Some of those on the island live only to serve and maintain the lighthouse there, others have a fierce independent streak, and a few are pearl-diving maniacs, all of whom are utterly stranded at the first hint of foul weather.

Held in by glorious modern walls, the highest point on the ridgeline overlooking Blackwater is the Lord’s manse. Spiraling down around the promontory from it, the narrow but beautiful cobblestone road features more than half a dozen lesser but still phenomenal estates belonging to hereditary nobility at the pinnacle of the Blackwater social scene. Cousins of this lord or that duke, Baronets, and so on and so forth. It is richly landscaped, covered in manicured gardens and walled or hedged properties with bare rock between, and the grandest of all is the beautiful home wherein the Lord of Blackwater dwells – or at least it was the most beautiful sight in town, until someone burned more than half of it down in a misguided political gesture in 2013. Rebuilding is in progress.

Notable Features

“And oh her light will carry his heart As out he goes to Marin’s delight By storm and sorrow torn apart But ever holding her beacon bright,

Through catch and squall, with heavy soul Each torment greater than the last By love betrayed and left to dwell on maidens’ fancies of the past

But spurred ahead by amber gleam and constant faithful promise known The lovelorn mariner on canvas wings Flies swiftly home to rest alone.”

~Miles Xavier Caldwell of Blackwater, 1941


How it all started

Recent Events

What should players know about the recent history.

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