Event Preregistration
Players are encouraged to preregister if they are planning on attending the next event as it enables better planning of the event based on the number of players likely to attend. It also allows players to organize carpooling and other plans for the event. In exchange, existing players will receive a $5 discount off of Event Fee (new players recieve a discounted event fee regardless of whether they preregister). Preregistration ends at 11:59pm the Wednesday just prior to an event.

When preregistering, players are asked to specify in what capacity they will be attending event. The options are: If players have preregistered but realize they are not able to make an event, they are encouraged to remove themselves from the list, via the "remove" link next to their name.

NOTE: Players under 18 years of age MUST bring a signed parental release waiver to each game they attend, until such time as they are 18 years of age or older. The minimum age of attendence is 16 years of age, without exception. They must also contact the Owners in advance of game to obtain the owner's permission to attend. No person under 16 years of age may attend, even with a parental waiver.

NOTE: Legacies only accepts cash payment at event. Players wishing to pay with a credit card contact the Owners at least three days prior to event and pay via PayPal. Personal checks are NOT accepted.

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