Game Positions

Owners The Owners are the proprietors of the game. They are responsible for maintenance of the organization, organizing events, establishing game policy, maintaining game balance, overseeing the development and release of game books, and handling any disciplinary issues or instances of cheating. They are the right-holders to the Legacies intellectual property as well as the controllers of all physical property belonging to the organization. Each referee committee is subordinate to the Owners, and should a member of an appropriate referee committee not be available the Owners will act in the referee's stead. Additionally the Owners police the website and prevent abuse of the online resources.

The Owners may be contacted at Any questions, comments, or suggestions about the game in general, or that do not fall in the specific areas covered by the referees below should be directed to the Owners. Additionally, any issues with referees or other players should also be directed to the Owners. The Owners are the final authority for any disciplinary issues, and the sole authority for displinary issues resulting from personal conflict between two or more players.

The Owners do not currently collect monetary compensation for their role in the game despite it being well within the right as the proprietors. Instead they receive a flat rate amount of bribe for their work both in and out of game. When particularly time consuming duties arise they receive additional bribe at the hourly rate established for all players and posted on the website. The Owners do not pay an event fee. They also are not assigned a cleanup job however the event site is ultimately their responsibility. They ensure the site is clean and perform a walk-through with the manager of the event site.

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