Game Positions
Legacies functions through the tireless volunteer efforts of a number of players functioning in official game capacities. These capacities are broken down into specific Game positions in distinct committees, each with a defined set of responsibilities to ensure that Legacies is run smoothely both at a game and in between events. Each of the game positions and associated responsibilities are defined by the game Owners, who themselves operate Legacies without material compensation. Both the Owners and members of the other game positions are compensated only with Bribe, a game specific quantity that can be expended to improve the number of Skill Points a character has, exchange for In Game currency, and other minor game perks.

Typically each game position committee, with some exception, has a player acting as the Head of that responsibity and managing the efforts of the other players assigned a similar responsibility. Some of the positions are appointed and have no set term, while others serve fixed six month terms starting in either January or July of the year.

The Game Positions by reponsibility are:
Owners Owners
Logistics Logistics Referees
Plot Plot Referees
Rules Rules Referees
World/Character Ref World/Character Referees
Immersion Ref Immersion Referees
Safety Safety Referees
Web Web Administrator

Escallating Issues
Should a player have issue with anyone discharging their responsibilities in the capacity of one of the Game Positions, or disagree with a call made by one of these officials, the player should talk to the head of the applicable committee rather than argue with the member of the Game Position. If the player still has grievance after talking with the head of the applicable committee they can then speak directly with the owners, but only after speaking with the head of the committee. Players not comfortable speaking with a referee or the owners may instead have a peer player of their choice bring the issue forward on their behalf. While players may discuss issues in a civil manner with a member of one of the Game Positions, once the member has given their final word the topic should either be dropped or escallated. The players operating in each of the Game Positions do so voluntarily in service of Legacies, and disrespect towards their efforts will not be tolerated. Additionally, "shopping for a desired outcome" between various peer members of a game position, where a player goes to each member trying to get the answer they want, is not allowed. If they dislike an answer they should follow the chain of escallation rather than going to another member of the same Game Position.

Being Removed from a Game Position
Players who abuse their authority while acting in the capacity of a Game Position, otherwise cheat, or in the case of Plot referees, miss two events during a term while acting in that capacity, will be removed from their position and will be ineligible to hold position at Legacies for a period no shorter than a year from the date they were removed.
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Introduction to Game Positions
Logistics Referees
Plot Referees
Rules Referees
World/Character Referees
Immersion Referees
Safety Referees
Web Administrator